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    My Story

    Hi I’m Leah Jesse, I’m so glad you’ve stopped by my little corner of the internet!

    I started my online making journey waaaay back in 2002 when I opened my first business Uplifting Arts. I started off selling greeting cards and than hand sewn handbags and accessories for boutiques all over the country.

    It was a very different internet back then! In those early days of perusing the internet I was inspired by communities I met on forums like Get Crafty and co founded and ran a forum for ladies who owned their own crafty businesses, The Switchboards. I ran my business for 10 years, until I need a change.

    Around that time I started Art journaling on a regular basis and I reconnected with my love of painting. The pure pleasure of smooshing paint around, the colors I could make moved me and ignited a much need creative spark. I had missed that in a deep way. Eight years later I’m still making a happy mess. Everyday I’m in my studio exploring colors and indulging my obsession with how Artists and Makers make.

    Currently I’m living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and pup where I’m building an Art studio in our backyard with my own two hands.

    My work is a mix of my passion for color, my fascination for the process and more importantly an expression of my heart. One of my greatest joys is knowing that somewhere out there my Art is adding color to the world and making someone happy.


    Po Box 16072 Seattle, WA 98116