If there is a painting that is no longer available and you love the style, a commission is a great option! Its a wonderful way to get a one of a kind, made especially for you piece of Art.

Every Artist handles commissions a little differently. Here is how I do it.

  1. Contact me with the following information:
    TYPE (Abstract, Floral, Etc.)
    SUBSTRATE (Canvas, Birch wood panel)
    2-3 COLORS you would like in the painting
    DETAILS (you may want to include any references ie pinterest board, paintings I've painted, any flowers you'd like or not included in your painting)

    Here’s where you share your ideas! For me commissions are a fun way to collaborate with people. Be as specific as you need to be or if you’d rather leave it up to me I’m cool with that too!

  2. I will respond usually 2-3 days with a quote

  3. After I receive the deposit (50%) the fun part begins! Turn around time for smaller paintings (under 10″) is about 2 weeks larger paintings is 3-4 weeks.

  4. When I’m nearing completion I will send 2-3 pictures at which time we can discuss revisions. If we decide on changes I will send more pictures once its complete. I’m flexible but need to restrict revisions to twice.

  5. When the painting is finished I will send a invoice for the remaining amount due and I will ship it once its paid in full

Some things to note:

  • There is a 300$ minimum and 50% deposit due before I can start painting. If in the end you decide not to buy the commission the full deposit is refunded as a credit in my shops.

  • I don’t paint reproductions. So for instance if you want a painting I’ve already made but in a larger size. I can certainly do something similar but not an exact copy. I do have prints available for most of my paintings in lots of sizes.